Vulcan Oil Company, Inc.
2042 Shannon-Oxmoor Rd.
Bessemer, AL

Dear Wholesale Customer,

Vulcan is pleased to announce an exciting new business tool now available to you called Fuel Customer Access (FCA).  By visiting our website at, you now have access to the latest pricing information and your invoice history. You can follow these easy steps to see how it works:

  1. Go to and you will find a link at the bottom right hand side of the home page that will take you to the FCA login page.  Click that link.
  2. Once you are at the FCA site press word “Login”
    a. User Name: Customer Number
    b. Password: Account Manager will give you default password which can be changed at any time
  3. Click Documents Tab. You will then see a Document History of both quotes and invoices. You can also view these separately by clicking the “All Documents Libraries” and     selecting either Invoices or quotes.

It’s that Simple! You now have up to date information on pricing and invoices that can be accessed from any computer, smart phone or pad that has internet access.

Our goal is to eliminate mailing a copy of the invoice to you by July 1, 2012.  We hope you also see this as a useful and important management tool for your business.   Please feel free to contact your Customer Account Manager with any questions or concerns.

Kandace Phares
North Region

Joe Tidmore
Central / South Region

Thank you for your business.

Todd Sitton