1. The initial step to become a wholesale dealer would be for us to meet with the prospect and review the business plan for a new site or current business status of an existing site. As part of this initial step, we would gather some basic site information and study the surrounding competitive landscape. We would also go over brands that we market and try to determine what would be a good fit for the site based on dealer needs and store characteristics.

2. The next step would be to send site information to potential branded suppliers. The suppliers would then give us an indication of whether the site could be branded or not. Assuming the site is approved, the supplier would then give us a branded proposal.

3. The brand offer from the supplier would be used by us to give the dealer a branding proposal and present a contract.

4. While the brand offers are being reviewed, the dealer would need to submit a credit application for our review. The need for security would be determined during the credit check process.

5. We would then contact equipment companies and branding companies in order to obtain quotes for the image conversion costs and any required equipment upgrades. A sign company would be contacted for any price sign changes or installations. The quotes obtained during this phase would affect any offers we made for conversions of existing sites.

6. Vulcan will submit necessary forms to chosen brand once the letter of intent and contract have been signed. The branded supplier will then begin the site setup process and issue us a site identification number.

7. The image work and any equipment upgrades can be released to the respective companies to perform that work. The network equipment for processing credit cards is ordered at this time.

8. We work with dealer and contractors to insure image and equipment upgrades are done properly. The site is started up or switched to the branded network once all of this is complete.


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