To my friends, neighbors and members of the Greater Birmingham community.Like many of you, I was deeply shocked and saddened by the recent tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. I know I’m not alone in grieving for the 11 workers who were killed doing their jobs and for the families they left behind. I am also devastated by the impact this event may have on the Gulf and on the effects it is already having on the communities and livelihoods that depend on those waters.

As a member of the extended BP family here, this hits particularly close to home. I know there are thousands of BP employees and countless thousands of volunteers who are working long, hard hours to stop the flow of oil and continue the cleanup. These are people like you and me, trying to do the best job they can in difficult circumstances, with the watchful and often critical eyes of the world upon them.

This type of situation can certainly make a person wonder how something like this can happen, and more pointedly, wonder why it’s not cleaned up yet I do know that BP has taken full responsibility for cleaning up the spill and we expect them to make things right, which I believe they will.

I am a local independent business owner, and my station is owned and operated by local people and store employees. We and the thousands of other independent BP marketers and retailers meet the needs of our local customers every day. We own, operate and supply retail stores, we employ your neighbors, and we are partners in our communities dedicated to serving our customers each day.

On behalf of my fellow BP marketers everywhere, and BP itself, I thank you for your past support and pledge to continue to work tirelessly to earn your trust and actively contribute to our community.


David Melton, Quality Petroleum of Alabama, Inc
Don Holmes, Holmes Oil Company, Inc.
David Collins, DC Oil Company, Inc.
Todd Sitton, Vulcan Oil Company Inc.
Brock Hill, Hill Petroleum, Inc.
Jim Wadsworth, Wadsworth Oil Company of Clanton Inc.
Ronald Moore, Moore Oil Company Inc.
by Todd Sitton