services-pic1Vulcan has several decades of combined experience in the petroleum marketing industry. This can be a valuable resource to our existing customers and to new customers. Below are a few areas that sites may need help in that we can be a resource to them. Please contact us for more information on these services.

Site Analysis Services

For new to industry sites, it is often times essential to have a projection of the potential future business a site might produce before the investment is made. We can provide assistance in this area through our brand programs and through independent site analysis companies. The analysis will provide you with information on future store revenue, gas and diesel volume, and revenue from other potential profit centers. The site analysis will also give you some demographic information about the area such as traffic counts and the area population. This information can be beneficial to someone who might be financing their investment. Banks often times need to see pro-forma numbers and projected volume.

Construction and Petroleum Equipment Services

We have extensive experience and contacts in the convenience store construction business as well as the petroleum equipment industry. We can help customers line up construction drawings, building quotes, petroleum installation prices and petroleum equipment purchases. This helps ensure that our customers have the best possible prices for the near term and the best quality over the life of the investment.

services-pic2Environmental Compliance

There are two ways that we can assist our customers with environmental compliance issues. For our consigned customers, we often times retain ownership of all the gasoline equipment. This means that we are responsible for all the environmental compliance issues for the equipment. It also takes some of the liability of having tanks on the property away from the customer. In cases where we only own the above ground equipment, we can assist the customer with their compliance needs.

For our wholesale customers, we can assist them in making sure that their equipment is incompliance on an ongoing basis. This includes evaluating different equipment options, as well as, getting customers into contact with environmental contractors and solution providers. Environmental compliance is an important issue in our industry. We are continually working with our regulatory agencies and contractors to maintain our equipment to the current environmental standards. We strive to pass the knowledge and benefit on to our wholesale customers.

Credit Card Programs for Unbranded Sites

Vulcan has several programs that allow unbranded customers to take credit cards both in the store and at the pump. Taking credit cards is essential to a small business’s survival, but it can be costly. Credit card security is an important part of the equation when it comes to processing cards. We are able to help customers be set up on a competitive program that meets the current security standards.